If you know of the whereabouts of any of our missing alumni, please have them register on the "66 Class Directory" page, or they can use the "Contact Us" feature to let us know about their situation. Thank you.

FHS Class of 1966 MISSING LIST
Updated May 2016

13 were found that were on the old list
56 still missing.

Last Updated May 2016

Arnold, Michael
Baker, Ron
Brandenburg, Sandy
Brown, Jerry
Burton, Marc
Clark, Gary
 (Gary is on classmates.com)
Collins, Dave
Collins, Jerry
Combs, Mary  
Copeland (Miller), Linda
Cornett, Ronnie
Corum, Steve
Dalton, Ralph
Edwards, Mike
Feltz, Phillip
Fisher, Donna 
Fishman, Suzzie
Flynn, Patrick
Foster, Joan
Franks, Tom
Glass, Veronica
Good, Russell
Gray, Robert (Michael)
Hale, James
Hale, Peggy
Helton (Thorpe), Sharon
Hilbers, Charles
Jackson (Hale), Vicki 
(Viki is on classmates.com)
Jones, Ray L. (new on list)
Kaufman, John 
Kirby, Kathy
Kytta,  Lila (new on list)
Martin, Judy
Mason, Keith
Mintz, Gwen
Mitchell, Larry
O'Roarke, Kathy
Pawloski, Pauline
Phillips, Carol
Pierce, Eric 
(Eric is on classmates.com)
Rodgers, Pat
Shafer (Foster), Connie
 (Connie is on classmates.com)
Shoup, Charles
Slaybaugh, Donald (new on list)
Smith, Michael
Smith, Terri
Smith, Tim
Stephens, Phyllis
Stinson, Larry
Thomas, Jim
Waller, Louis
(Louis is on classmates.com)
Wells, Wanda (new on list)
Whitt, John
Wilkerson, David D.
Wilson (Saylor), Janet (new on list)